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  12:30 am Bible Reading
  2:30 am Joy in Living
  3:15 am Adventures in Odyssey
  4:30 am Bible Reading
  5:30 am Science, Scripture, and Salvation
  6:30 am Lamplighter Moments
  7:30 am Bible Reading
  8:30 am Ranger Bill
  9 am Adventures in Odyssey
  10:30 am Joy in Living
  11:30 am Focus on the Family Minute
  12:15 pm Unshackled
  4:30 pm Science, Scripture, and Salvation
  6:15 pm The Word for Life with Jon Lands
  7:15 pm Adventures in Odyssey
  8:30 pm Unshackled
  10:15 pm Thru the Bible Sunday Sermon
  11:30 pm Science, Scripture, and Salvation

Comment from John in Michigan

“Thank you for the warmth and quality of the Christmas music again this season, and for the ongoing focus on Christ throughout the year. I am very grateful for the hope and encouragement I find each day in your broadcasts.”


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