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News at the top of every hour midnight–8 am & 7–11 pm

  12:30 am Bible Reading
  2:15 am Sounds of Joy
  4:15 am Pause for a Proverb
  4:45 am Honey for the Soul
  6:15 am Sounds of Joy
  6:45 am Bible Reading
  8:15 am Back to Genesis
  8:30 am Honey for the Soul
  9 am Thru the Bible Sunday Sermon
  10 am Rejoice in the Lord
  11:30 am Bible Reading
  12:30 pm Pause for a Proverb
  1:30 pm Science, Scripture, and Salvation
  2:30 pm Bible Reading
  3:30 pm Honey for the Soul
  4:15 pm The Word for Life with Jon Lands
  5:30 pm Bible Reading
  6 pm Rejoice in the Lord
  9:30 pm Bible Reading
  10:30 pm Songs in the Night
  11:30 pm Joy in Living

Comment from Sue in Illinois

“The thoughtful verses and words of wisdom between programming are very inspiring.”

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