January 2016

Dear Friends,

We anticipate great things at RBN in 2016.

We were excited to hear from over 1,000 partners during our recent Share-a-Thon. This year, we hope to add more to our RBN family. While it’s on your mind, why not tell a friend or family member about Rejoice Radio?

We have heard from almost every state in the United States as well as many foreign countries, including Canada, Cayman Islands, Germany, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Belarus, Belize, Brazil, Italy, Moldova, Russia, South Africa, and Sweden. Your gift to Rejoice Radio goes to support a ministry that is literally reaching around the world with the Good News.


Because we desire to help carry your burden, no matter how big or small, we invite you to send in your prayer requests for us to lift before the Lord during Family Prayer Time. And if you have a praise, we would love to share that, too!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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From Our Listeners

I cannot recall the time when I came across your station while “surfing” for something refreshing. But I instantly started liking what I heard. The Lord is changing my heart, and He is using Rejoice Radio as one of the many ways He chooses to do His work in me.

—Dan in Indiana

Tonight on the way home from church, my husband and I heard your station mention that we could listen online. I tried it tonight as I worked on a few things on my computer. What a blessing to be able to listen to your music and other programming while I’m doing mundane tasks on my computer, checking e-mail, etc. Rejoice Radio is such a blessing to us.

—Janie in Tennessee

I have been a fervent listener to Rejoice Radio for many years. I guess I really didn’t know how much it meant to our family until the recent transmission interruption. I have it on all night and wake up to Russell Kelfer’s sermonette, a wonderful way to start my day. I enjoy hymns, “Unshackled”, and Pastor McGee’s sermons are up to date even though he has been gone for 25 years. I will say thank you for your stellar programming.

—Laurel in Indiana

In the midst of the horrible news that our nation was attacked by terrorists, you have been a steady source of encouragement and a call to focus on our Father. Thank you for the hope and breath of freshness you offer by continuing to play God-honoring music. It’s food for the soul.

—Rose in Mississippi

Comment from Listener in Montana

“The music is a blessing and brings a heart of praise to the Lord throughout the day. The programming is true to the Word. I have been a faithful listener to Rejoice Radio from the very first here in our area. Thank you!”

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