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Dear Friends,

Thank you for giving faithfully to the ministry of Rejoice Radio. We depend on your gifts for support, and your investment will have eternal reward.

Because of your prayers and support, we received nearly 10,000 letters and phone calls from listeners who have been blessed by Rejoice Radio. They told us that their favorite programs were Into His Likeness, Thru the Bible, Family Time, Unshackled, and Crosstalk.

These listeners were from 6 continents and 12 countries including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Russia, Belize, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa, and Venezuela.

And during our Share-a-thon this year, we were blessed to receive $286,743.75 in pledges from 1,175 listeners. That includes 216 first-time pledges!

You make the far-reaching impact of Rejoice Radio possible. Thank you for your continued prayers and support throughout this new year.


Because we desire to help carry your burden, no matter how big or small, we invite you to send in your prayer requests for us to lift before the Lord during Family Prayer Time. And if you have a praise, we would love to share that, too!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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From Our Listeners

I am an expat currently living in Great Britain. I am thankful that technology allows me to listen to Rejoice Radio which brightens my day and keeps me focused on Jesus Christ. People need the Lord so much today, and I pray that God will continue to use Rejoice to reach the unsaved who live in terrible darkness.

—Mark in Great Britain

Your music has certainly been a blessing today, far more than I can measure. When I heard “Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him,” I feared that I’d let the season slip up on me as I always considered that a Christmas hymn. I soon realized, however, that it is a beautiful praise song. Then I listened tearfully to “In the Sweet By and By” and remembered it being sung so beautifully at my mother’s funeral. Soon after that “Softly and Tenderly” was presented and touched my heart deeply. I thank you and your staff for the glorious MUSIC I hear on your station nearly every day.

—Frances in Florida

Many times as I listen to the wonderful broadcasts on Rejoice, the music will touch my heart. Often, I find tears slipping from the corners of my eyes. Just the other day there was a wonderful instrumental rendition of “In the Garden.” As I listened I was picturing the beauty of Heaven and tears flowed freely. Thanks for your wonderful programming.

—Patricia in New Mexico

Comment from Sue in Illinois

“Your station helps to maintain sanity in a world that has gone astray.”

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