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5:15 PMCreation Moments
5:30 PM Pause for a Proverb
5:45 PMBible Reading

Summer Brings Special Times
at Rejoice Radio


On June 21st, Rejoice Radio will begin our 44th year of operations. For all these years, we have been commercial free. We have also been able to offer airtime free to our programmers. This is all because of you, our listeners, who have been faithful through the years to support this ministry on a regular monthly basis. Rejoice with us during this anniversary month of June, and let us know how long you have been listening to RBN!


Let us go with you on your travels as we celebrate our nation’s birth on July 4th. Be listening the week leading up to July 4th for special patriotic selections. Then on the fourth of July, join us for all-day patriotic programming.

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Newly Released Recording Free with Your Donation

Take this beautiful, Christ-honoring music as you travel out of the listening area. For your tax-deductible gift of $50 or more to Rejoice Radio, we will send you You Are My Song CD. Visit our donations page or call 1-800-726-1191.

For more copies or to order other music please visit Rejoice Music.

You Are My Song


During the Spring Share-a-Thon, we raised $92,275, for which we praise the Lord. We were thrilled to meet 166 new friends, with a total of 733 folks making pledges. Thank you for your participation. Share A Thon

Comment from Idaho Listener“I wanted to thank you for the blessing, encouragement, and hope your station brings all across America. As a college student, it is nice to hear fundamental gospel music and truth that shares Christs' message of love and hope in a world of sorrow and evil. I love turning on your station in the car on my radio, and at home on the internet. Thank you for staying faithful and strong in God's true word.”