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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your cards and letters during our anniversary month. The monthly support of our listeners through the last 46 years has been a blessing and encouragement to us.

We appreciate each of you who gives on a regular monthly basis to support Rejoice Radio. We depend on the gifts of our listeners who are blessed by this ministry. If you have never supported RBN, please pray about joining the many others who give monthly; it is an investment that will pay eternal dividends.

Sincerely yours,

Tonita Ohman

Tonita Ohman
Program Director

From Our Listeners

Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I cannot imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens. With thanks and best wishes, your regular listener.

—Julia in Russia

I listened to Russell Kelfer speak about confessing my unconfessed sins. It took it to heart, and prayed. I got cleansed … From my wrong reaction of grief and pity in unbelief instead of faith and thankfulness.

—Jerry in Alabama

When I lived in Florida, I listened to Rejoice Radio everyday. It was Easter time and you played a song “When He Was on the Cross, I Was on His Mind.” I sang along with it and … I fell to my knees sobbing … I was saved in my kitchen that day. This is why I send a check every month even though I now live in southern California. Your radio station means so much to me, and I’m sure others have been saved by listening also.

—Janet in California

Trust the Truth CD

Trust the Truth CD

Take this beautiful, Christ-honoring music as you travel out of the listening area. For your tax-deductible gift of $50 or more to Rejoice Radio, we will send you the Trust the Truth CD. Call 1-800-726-1191 or donate online.

For more copies or to order other music please visit

Comment from Listener in Idaho

“I am a seventeen year-old listener of your Twin Falls, Idaho, station, and your programs are very dear to my heart. While most of my Christian friends enjoy contemporary religious music, I just can’t get enough of the old hymns and those gospel tunes. Living in southern Idaho is difficult for the Christians at times. I oftentimes find myself feeling left out and down trodden, but as soon as I tune in at home or in my truck, I feel my spirits lifted. The spiritual music and Bible-truth messages are just what I need to combat the Enemy. As I am in my senior year of high school, I am very grateful for your station to help me grow and mature in Christ Jesus. My favorite program is “Thru the Bible” with Dr. J. Vernon McGee.”

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