Merry Christmas from Rejoice Radio

Dear Friends,

We are thankful for each of our share partners. Your financial support is vital to keep Rejoice Radio on the air. As you complete your tax-deductible giving before the end of the year, please remember to help the Rejoice Broadcast Network erase this year’s deficit by sending a generous gift. During these days of uncertainty in our nation and around the world, many find comfort and encouragement through Rejoice Radio. Your gift today will help us reach many in your area.

Cordially yours,

Tonita Ohman

Tonita Ohman
Program Director

Calendar Offer

When you send your gift to Rejoice Radio, request the calendar.

The Sounds of Christmas

December brings Christmas music that reflects the real meaning of the season, along with enjoyable holiday favorites.

Beginning Dec. 10, every night 8:30—9 p.m. CT (except Sun.), Craig Mattson will host Christmas Classics, featuring carols and melodies from every era. All day Dec. 25, Christmas programming will play uninterrupted by regular programs.

Estate Planning

After planning for those around you, consider giving a bequest to Rejoice Radio to help us face the challenges of tomorrow. All charitable bequests are tax-deductible and exempt from inheritance tax in most states.

For more information, contact the Treasurer/Estate Planning Office at or call 850-478-8496, ext. 2911.

From Our Listeners

I just had to tell you how much we appreciate the Christmas programming on Rejoice Radio. It really helped us to spend our time concentrating on the real reason for Christmas. Everyone was delighted that you continued to play it after Christmas reassuring us that Christmas doesn’t end on December 26 in the hearts of Christians as it does in the world.

—Beth in Ohio

I am a college student who lives in Birmingham, Alabama. I am tremendously blessed to be able to listen to your radio station. The Christ-honoring music always brightens my day and places my thoughts in a heavenly direction.

—Jacob in Alabama

Your Christmas music and Christmas Classics this December have been especially beautiful this year, and your short stories have been very uplifting especially the original one about the porcelain bell and “God is not dead nor does He sleep!”

—Helen in Kansas

Dear Friends, I cannot tell you what a blessing WPCS is to me. This little station has poured so much goodness into my life: joy, hope, comfort, peace, inspiration.

—Rebecca in Mississippi

Comment from Sue in Illinois

“Your station helps to maintain sanity in a world that has gone astray.”

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