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7:15 PMInto His Likeness
8:15 PM—Lamplighter Moments
8:30 PMStories of Great Christians

Rejoice Radio—Station Needs

  • We need to raise more support for the two full power stations, KPCS in Minnesota (Princeton/Minneapolis/St. Paul) and WPCS along the Upper Gulf Coast (flagship station of the Rejoice Broadcast Network).

Stations that did not meet monthly operating costs for April:

  • ID, Twin Falls
  • IN, Lafayette
  • IN, Terre Haute
  • IN, Wabash
  • MI, Benton Harbor
  • MI, Kalamazoo
  • MI, Muskegon
  • MN, Princeton
  • MS, Hattiesburg
  • MS, Meridian
  • NM, Las Cruces
  • NY, Utica
  • PA, Mansfield
  • TN, Johnson City
  • WV, Wheeling

Station News

We appreciate all who support Rejoice Radio financially. As shown above, there are several stations that are not meeting their needs. We ask you to pray that those blessed by this ministry will help with the financial support of RBN.

Utica, New York, 88.1 FM

As you have noticed, Rejoice Radio is no longer airing over 88.1 FM in Utica. We were displaced by a primary facility. The RBN station in Utica is licensed as a secondary facility, and by FCC rules, must give way to a primary facility. We do regret having to go off the air in your area. We are currently trying to find a new frequency. Please pray with us that we will find one the FCC will approve.

Gifts can be given in the following three ways:


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Rejoice Broadcast Network
P.O. Box 18000
Pensacola, FL 32523

Comment from Michigan Listener“As I write I am listening to Dr. McGee. Rejoice Radio is a true blessing to me. But that is not the only reason why I support you. I support Rejoice Radio for any lonely, hurting person who may be searching the dial for hope, and God may lead them to your station. Keep offering the hope in the message of Jesus Christ to a world that needs to hear it.”