What Rejoice Radio Means to the Announcers

Rhonda Autrey

RBN is a great companion! Some days I drive 75 miles, one way, to get to work. This would be a draining commute if not for Rejoice Radio. The music and preaching feed my soul and prepare me for a day of serving those at work and home.

Dave Barnhart

As a volunteer and a supporter of this ministry, I have the confidence that lives are being changed for eternity as a result of my investment. At the same time, I find myself to be the direct recipient of the blessing, as the music and programming encourages me in my daily walk with the Lord. I thank God and all who have partnered with RBN to make this possible.

John Collier

I enjoy the opportunity I’ve been given to minister to Rejoice listeners as I work behind the scenes helping to compile playlists of Christian music and programs each day. However, it’s during the Share-a-thon that many listeners return the favor and minister to the team at Rejoice Radio. Hearing that RBN is important to listeners as they pledge their support through prayer and financial giving is a tremendous encouragement to each of us. I’m so thankful to have a small part in a radio ministry that is making a difference in people’s lives each and every day!

Brad Fairbanks

I appreciate being able to just turn on Rejoice at any time and not have to worry about what might be playing. Whether it is the soul-stirring music, a Bible-based message from one of the many preachers, or any of the encouraging programming from “Unshackled” to “Creation Moments,” it always glorifies God and uplifts me. I think Rejoice truly stands out because with so much of today’s society being self-promoting, all of the programming points to God. It helps me refocus on what truly matters, our Savior.

Ben Lane

Each morning, I drop my son off at school and then have the car all to myself as I drive to work. During those few minutes of solitude, Craig Mattson presents “Pause for a Proverb.” Those quick Scriptural principles—thoughtfully developed by Craig and echoed by the surrounding music—help me become properly oriented for the day ahead. Psalm 63 opens with “O God...early will I seek thee.” “Pause for a Proverb” on Rejoice Radio helps me to do just that.

Rachael Lane

Since I began working with Rejoice Radio, I have been greatly blessed by the influence of its ministry. Thinking back over the years, I remember difficult circumstances that God has led my family through. I remember how He often used the inspired songs of faith and the programming that were played on RBN to calm my soul and help me get my focus back on Him. Rejoice Radio is a great tool where I can glean encouragement and inspiration on a daily basis. In my support for RBN, I know that I am not just supporting a radio station, but a ministry dedicated to encouraging people in their service to Christ.


Craig Mattson

There’s a wonderful sense of possibility when you slide behind the microphone. I feel like a farmer casting seeds on a field. I realize, however, that a great deal of the effectiveness of the message isn’t dependent on me at all; the listeners have to contribute as much or even more than I do.


Josh McGuffee

Rejoice Radio is truly a blessing. The music is uplifting, and the programs are encouraging. My life has been enriched by the teaching of great men such as Dr. J. Vernon McGee and Russell Kelfer. I have been encouraged and strengthened in my walk with the Lord, and I have been encouraged to be a blessing to others as Rejoice has been to me.

Chad Morehead

The programming of RBN truly provides an oasis for the Christian in today’s media environment. I appreciate how that through Rejoice Radio, uplifting, Christ-honoring music is always at my fingertips whether I am in my car, at home, or working on the Internet. There are few places where instruction and encouragement for the Christian is so readily available.

Tonita Ohman

It is such a blessing to be a part of Rejoice Radio. I feel the same as so many of our listeners in that the music seems to be just the song I need to hear at any given time. Also, I love to hear Russell Kelfer on “Into His Likeness.” Also, I must be a kid at heart. I love “Adventures in Odyssey” and “Adventures from the Bookshelf” and “Ranger Bill.” It is also a blessing to be the one that gets to read the letters and e-mails and answer the calls of our listeners about how the Lord has blessed them through something they heard on the radio.

Erica Parsons

Rejoice Radio has been a blessing to our family. We generally listen on our way to and from work. Our little kiddos love to hear the music, and I’ve noticed it really helps their demeanor in the car. Our oldest, who just turned 3 years old, constantly is asking what each song is about. It is a great opportunity to share God’s love and truth, especially at such a young age.

Tim Parsons

My family loves to listen to Rejoice Radio in the car, and I enjoy hearing the old songs I grew up with. I’m glad I get to help in getting the message out that media can still be Christ-honoring.

Robert Penley

Having been associated with RBN since it first started in 1996, I find it to be a friend wherever I go, hiking (mobile phone), at home, in the vehicle, occasionally on the Internet. There is virtually no place I cannot take RBN with me. The great Bible-centered programming and uplifting music is something I am proud to be a part of. I love the opportunity to “share” during Share-a-thon about the impact Rejoice Radio has had on me as well as my family.

Paul Stimer

My favorite part of Share-a-thon is the interaction we are able to have with our listeners. It’s encouraging to hear how this ministry has made a difference in the lives of so many, and it’s a blessing to be able to share those testimonies during Share-a-thon.

Jeff Surgeon

Working at Rejoice Radio is an amazing opportunity. My favorite part is hearing the good news of how the Lord has used a program or a particular song in someone’s life in a specific time of need.

Comment from Jerry in Texas

“I So love all the programming. like Sugar Creek Gang, Adventures in Odyssey, Ranger Bill. I am 66 years young but love the kids programs...every car I get in I tune the radio to 91.5 FM. RBN is the best station around. ”


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