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What Rejoice Radio Means to the Announcers

Kenneth George

For the past several years I have received daily encouragement from the music on Rejoice Radio. It is a privilege for me to return that blessing to the station by being an announcer for the Share-a-thon.

Caleb Keener

The music and programming of Rejoice Radio are a daily encouragement to me in my Christian life. Knowing that I can turn to Christ-honoring music at any time day or night and be lifted up with its message is a real blessing. I support the ministry of Rejoice Radio so my family will be able to listen to good music and programs without having to worry about the message that is being sent.

Rachel Lane

Since I began working with Rejoice Radio, I have been greatly blessed by the influence of its ministry. Thinking back over the years, I remember difficult circumstances that God has led my family through. I remember how He often used the inspired songs of faith and the programming that were played on RBN to calm my soul and help me get my focus back on Him. Rejoice Radio is a great tool where I can glean encouragement and inspiration on a daily basis. In my support for RBN, I know that I am not just supporting a radio station, but a ministry dedicated to encouraging people in their service to Christ.


Craig Mattson

There’s a wonderful sense of possibility when you slide behind the microphone. I feel like a farmer casting seeds on a field. I realize, however, that a great deal of the effectiveness of the message isn’t dependent on me at all; the listeners have to contribute as much or even more than I do.

Chad Morehead

The programming of RBN truly provides an oasis for the Christian in today’s media environment. I appreciate how that through Rejoice Radio uplifting, Christ-honoring music is always at my fingertips whether I am in my car, at home, or working on the Internet. There are few places where instruction and encouragement for the Christian is so readily available.

Jenna Mostert

Each day I have the amazing opportunity to hear firsthand just how Rejoice Radio influences the lives of its listeners all across the United States. I am so proud to be a part of a team that vigorously strives to bring excellent Christian music and programming to uplift and encourage our listeners in the Word of God.

Tonita Ohman

I am grateful to have the right kind of music and messages to listen to when so much of what is coming through television and radio today is not worthy. I keep Rejoice Radio on in the background throughout the day, and it keeps me in a good frame of mind as it reminds me Who we serve. Many times I find myself humming a song or thinking about a verse that I heard. It is also a blessing to me to hear from our listeners about how God has used Rejoice Radio in their lives.

Nick Ryan

I appreciate that Rejoice Radio has good, solid, Biblical programs. It is a blessing to think about the enormous impact of Rejoice Radio reaching around the world to listeners everywhere. It is so important that Christians have a Scriptural focus in their lives, and it’s wonderful that Rejoice is helping to fill that need world-wide.

Dan Utley

I appreciate RBN because its music and programs point me to my Savior during a day and age that the world is trying to lure Christians away from Him. Whether it is the practical insight of Russell Kelfer on “Into His Likeness” or the theological insight of J. Vernon McGee on “Thru the Bible,” I know that I can trust Rejoice Radio to continue to help me grow spiritually. It is a great blessing to know that I can have a small part in helping this ministry make an impact on this world for Christ.

Comment from Texas Listener“It is a blessing to hear older songs and hymns rather than the contemporary and culturally conformed music that is so prevalent on other radio stations. I feel the Holy Spirit confirmation more often with these songs; not to mention as a side note that I appreciate the obedience to the call to exhort and challenge people in their relationship with Jesus Christ that is expressed daily! I pray that this station will continue to strive to reveal God’s TRUE Holy character and purity as it is confirmed by His Holy Word; something that is much needed in the world and desperately in the “church."”