Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM By All Means Pastor Jim Schettler
12:36 AM Wake Up Richard Coyle
1:20 AM Jesus Savior Dr. Joel Mullenix
1:52 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:02 AM The Lord of Life Pastor Denis McBride
2:32 AM God and Suffering Jared Twigg
3:05 AM Galatians Series My Position My Practice Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:45 AM Defining Moments Ray Stagno
4:26 AM Christ Meets All of Our Needs Pastor Jim Schettler
4:51 AM What Does It Mean to Walk in the Spirit Richard Coyle
5:27 AM Jesus - The Gift of God Dr. Joel Mullenix
6:01 AM Worshipful Work Tyler Gillit
6:31 AM The Lords Countersign Pastor Denis McBride
6:52 AM Suffering Servant Bob Kelly
7:33 AM The Ways and Steps of a Good Man Bill Rice III
8:18 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:28 AM Give Me the Leftovers Pastor Jeff Redlin
9:07 AM Strength for Life James Johnson
9:08 AM Prayer The Rhythm of Our Christian Life Josh Burdick
9:33 AM Christ Our Passover Pastor Jim Schettler
10:07 AM Your Thought Life - 02_10_2023 Jeremy Rands
10:37 AM Jesus - Who Prays for You Dr. Joel Mullenix
11:13 AM Looking at Jesus Tim Rasmussen
11:41 AM The Love of the Brethren Pastor Denis McBride
12:09 PM What Has Pride Kept You From Richard Coyle
12:46 PM Given To Hospitality Pastor Jeff Redlin
1:31 PM Not Yet Richard Wallace
1:49 PM Defining the Abundant Life Steven Byrd
2:21 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:32 PM Christians as Salt and Light Pastor Jim Schettler
2:52 PM This Thing Called Sin Ray McCormick
3:47 PM Journey to the Cross Dr. Joel Mullenix
4:23 PM Jesus Our Way of Escape - Part 1 - 11_27_2023 John Van Gelderen
4:51 PM The Man with the Withered Hand Pastor Denis McBride
5:22 PM What is Preaching What is Revival Richard Coyle
5:55 PM Given To The Work Of Prayer Pastor Jeff Redlin
6:28 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
6:29 PM The Life of Boaz - 03_09_2023 Dr. Jody Wolf
7:00 PM Comparing God and Jonah Pastor Jim Schettler
7:34 PM The Practice of Praising the Lord Dr. Tim Zacharias
8:05 PM Diligence Steve Roberts
8:44 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:54 PM Just Lot Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:32 PM King David Leadership Lessons - 11_17_2022 Jon Lands
9:59 PM The Mixing of Traditions Pastor Denis McBride
10:28 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
10:30 PM Four Words of Assurance Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh
11:02 PM Giving Ourselves To God Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:37 PM Whatever He Says Do It Dr. Tim Zacharias

Comment from Lori in Minnesota

“I love listening and singing along to the music! Occasionally get to hear ‘Treasures from the Word’ with Adrian Rogers. It trains my mind to think on that which is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and of good report! I love to listen to ‘Unshackled.’ We all struggle with sin but we all are not so willing to talk about it. The stories are ones that so many can relate to. Lives can be devastated by the horrible effects of sin, but we know Jesus is the one who can deliver us from its powerful grip. I am reminded of His wonderful grace as I listen to the very personal stories of ‘Unshackled.’”


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