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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM Self Pastor Denis McBride
12:29 AM Dull Hearing Or Discerning Senses Dr. Dale Adkins
1:02 AM Question and Answer Time Pastor Jeff Redlin
1:41 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
1:52 AM Christ Meets All of Our Needs Pastor Jim Schettler
2:17 AM How to Make A Difference Dr. Jon Lands
2:54 AM And He Took a Child Dr. Joel Mullenix
3:26 AM Strengthening Your Grip on the Word of God Raymond Barber
3:58 AM A Sermon in the Sand Pastor Denis McBride
4:31 AM We Preach Christ Dr. Raymond Barber
5:02 AM You Qualify Pastor Jeff Redlin
5:39 AM You Are Engaged in a War Tim Butler
6:07 AM Christ Our Passover Pastor Jim Schettler
6:40 AM The Spirit of Adoption Richard Flanders
7:12 AM A Life With No Reserves No Retreats and No Regrets Shane Lewis
7:58 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:08 AM And Mary Magdalene Dr. Joel Mullenix
8:40 AM Strength for Life James Johnson
8:41 AM Who Are You? Jason Young
9:13 AM Serving the Lord with Faith Pastor Denis McBride
9:30 AM Dealing with Divine Delays - 03_04_2022 Pastor Ernie Merritt
10:03 AM When Abraham Said Amen Pastor Jeff Redlin
10:37 AM Resilience in Challenges - 02_02_2023 Mr. Mark Goetsch
11:06 AM Christians as Salt and Light Pastor Jim Schettler
11:23 AM The Holy Spirit Dr. Curtis Hutson
12:07 PM And They Came to Bethlehem Dr. Joel Mullenix
12:44 PM Stop Settling for Personal Isolation - 10_27_2022 Pastor Harley Snode
1:12 PM A Walk Through Psalm 81 Richard Coyle
1:48 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
1:59 PM Should Such a Man as I Flee Pastor Denis McBride
2:37 PM What�s So Precious About this Faith - 02_18_2022 Pastor John Ludka
3:04 PM Key to the Treasure House Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:40 PM Nevertheless at Thy Word I Will - 12_06_2021 Pastor John Anderson
4:08 PM Comparing God and Jonah Pastor Jim Schettler
4:41 PM Grace Abounded More At Calvary Dr. Dale Adkins
5:09 PM And They Watched Him Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:40 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
5:42 PM Free or Faithful? Kenny Baldwin
6:12 PM Should We Be Reading Paul's Mail Pastor Denis McBride
6:49 PM The Landslide of Lust Scott Tewell
7:27 PM Your Foundation Your Future - 02_23_2022 Greg Mutsch
8:07 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:17 PM We Glory in Tribulation Also Pastor Jeff Redlin
8:59 PM Three Promises Rob Brown
9:22 PM Confessing Sins Pastor Jim Schettler
9:49 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
9:50 PM The Decisions We Make in Depression Harley Snode
10:27 PM Another Comforter Dr. Joel Mullenix
11:03 PM Looking at Jesus Tim Rasmussen
11:32 PM So I Came to Jerusalem Pastor Denis McBride

Comment from Sue in Illinois

“Your station glorifies the Lord in such a beautiful way and blesses all who listen.”


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