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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM God's Watering Cans of Blessing Pastor Denis McBride
12:16 AM Coexisting with Nonbelievers Dr. Brad Phillips
12:44 AM Facing Your Giants They Are Bigger And Stronger Than You Pastor Jeff Redlin
1:19 AM Doing God's Will Michael Rouse
1:48 AM Set Your Toward Heaven Pastor Jim Schettler
2:22 AM Looking for Elijah Dr. Rick Flanders
2:53 AM The Ark of God Is Taken Dr. Joel Mullenix
3:26 AM The Details Matter 02_08_2022 Dr. Brad Phillips
3:56 AM Leave It At The Table Pastor Denis McBride
4:23 AM The Welfare of the Children Hugh Pyle
5:01 AM Faith That Produces Faithfulness Pastor Jeff Redlin
5:42 AM Bearing the Cross Wendell Kempton
6:26 AM Seven Spiritual Blessings If You Are In Christ Pastor Jim Schettler
7:04 AM How to Overcome Worry Wallace Richard Wallace
7:30 AM The Beginning of Sorrows Dr. Joel Mullenix
8:04 AM Faith for Today Dr. Brad Phillips
8:31 AM Leave Tarshish Pastor Denis McBride
9:01 AM He's Not Finished Yet Dr. Clyde Box
9:36 AM Fear Of The Empty Tomb Pastor Jeff Redlin
10:15 AM Becoming a Spiritual Grownup Dr. Dale Adkins
10:39 AM Sharing the Gospel With Others Pastor Jim Schettler
11:23 AM Believing God For Something Big in Your Life Dr. Raymond Barber
12:00 PM The Beginning of the Gospel Dr. Joel Mullenix
12:35 PM Isreal's National Anthem Pastor Matt Teis
1:04 PM Lessons From Genesis 38 Pastor Denis McBride
1:38 PM God�s Love for You 11_23_2021 Dr. Brad Phillips
2:05 PM Filled With The Spirit Is Not Pastor Jeff Redlin
2:46 PM Bringing Back the Ark Dr. Tim Zacharias
3:23 PM Six Literal Twenty Four Hour Days Pastor Jim Schettler
4:03 PM Biblical Chastisement Troy Dorrell
4:45 PM The Bow of the Lord Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:17 PM Gods Love Dr. Brad Phillips
5:43 PM Let Not Your Heart Be Trouble Pastor Denis McBride
6:15 PM The Spirit of Adoption Dr. Rick Flanders
6:46 PM Filled With The Spirit Is Pastor Jeff Redlin
7:31 PM Compassion and Power Ron Reilly
8:07 PM So Great Salvation Pt 1 Pastor Jim Schettler
8:34 PM Going Forward with Gods Favor Dr. Brad Phillips
9:05 PM The Campus Church Mission Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:31 PM The Cry of the World Dr. Clyde Box
10:10 PM Let Thy Mercy O Lord Be Upon Us Pastor Denis McBride
10:44 PM Trusting God's Preparation Pastor Tate Thorndson
11:13 PM First Things First. Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:50 PM Remember Now Scott Tewell

Comment from Pat in Florida

“Dear Rejoice Radio, God bless your broadcasts always. Your broadcasts have helped me with a difficult time in my life.”


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