Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM To Whom Shall We Go Pastor Jim Schettler
12:22 AM The Risen Life Hugh Pyle
1:02 AM The Mystery of Christ Dr. Joel Mullenix
1:32 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
1:43 AM We Are Not Our Own Pastor Denis McBride
2:09 AM The Marks of a Powerful Church Tyler Gillett
2:45 AM Galatian Series Two Mothers Two Sons - Part 2 Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:25 AM It Just So Happens Pete Folger
3:49 AM Training Teens Pastor Jim Schettler
4:19 AM God Knows What We Need Richard Coyle
4:52 AM The Peace of God Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:17 AM The Marks of Jesus David Gibbs
6:13 AM We Forgot What God Remembered Pastor Denis McBride
6:39 AM Lessons on Rewards Mark Campbell
7:12 AM Praying Dr. Rick Flanders
8:04 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:15 AM Galatian Series What Happened Pastor Jeff Redlin
8:50 AM Strength for Life James Johnson
8:52 AM God Loves You Richard Coyle
9:25 AM Transformed by God Pastor Jim Schettler
9:59 AM Life Lessons from Jeremiah Mark Ward
10:30 AM The Pearl of Great Price Dr. Joel Mullenix
11:05 AM Your Foundation - Your Future Dr. Greg Mutsch
11:45 AM We Never Saw that Before Pastor Denis McBride
12:17 PM Living a Life of Value Ray McCormick
12:49 PM Galatian Series What The Law Cannot Do Pastor Jeff Redlin
1:26 PM Matthew The Outcast Disciple Norris Belcher
1:53 PM A Preview of Things to Come Dr. Raymond Barber
2:27 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:38 PM Trusting in the Lord Pastor Jim Schettler
3:19 PM God's Grace Richard Coyle
3:53 PM The Prayer of Hanna Dr. Joel Mullenix
4:15 PM Forgetting Your Past Bob Kelly
4:55 PM What Are You Worth Pastor Denis McBride
5:14 PM Out of Weakness Were Made Strong Mark Goetsch
5:51 PM Galatians Series A Word To The Weary Worker Pastor Jeff Redlin
6:32 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
6:33 PM Acting on That Faith Scott Tewell
6:56 PM Two Missed Facts about Forgiveness Pastor Jim Schettler
7:34 PM God's Witnesses for the Season Dr. Tim Zacharias
8:09 PM The Beauty of Our Faith Mark Ward
8:42 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:52 PM The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:33 PM God is Good Scott Tewell
9:56 PM What Did Mary Know Pastor Denis McBride
10:32 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
10:33 PM God's Life Equation Ray McCormick
11:08 PM Galatians Series Have I Become Your Enemy Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:48 PM The Camouflaged Christian Jim Blalock

Comment from Catherine in Georgia

“I am regularly blessed by listening online to Rejoice Radio. I tune in Mon-Thurs whenever possible at 1:15 pm for ‘Unshackled’ (my favorite radio program) and appreciate a station I can trust in their music choice & sound Bible teaching. God is so good!”


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