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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM My God Shall Supply Pastor Jim Schettler
12:31 AM God's Expectations - 10_17_2023 Brad Phillips
1:02 AM 11 Observations About the Resurrection Dr. Joel Mullenix
1:36 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
1:46 AM I Will Make You To Become Fishers Of Men - Part 1 Pastor Denis McBride
2:24 AM Serving for the Blessing Dr. Dale Adkins
2:51 AM The King of Glory Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:31 AM How God Can Become Real Shane Lewis
4:10 AM Obedience Tames The Tongue Pastor Jim Schettler
4:38 AM The Spirit of Adoption Richard Flanders
5:10 AM 6 Questions About Hell Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:44 AM Overcoming Temptation Scott Tewell
6:14 AM Ichabod Pastor Denis McBride
6:51 AM Consequences of Sin Richard Coyle
7:18 AM Do You Love The Lord Morris Gleiser
7:50 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:01 AM Question and Answer Time Pastor Jeff Redlin
8:40 AM Strength for Life James Johnson
8:41 AM The Progression of a Christian Life - 11_07_2023 Dale Adkins
9:05 AM Our Attitudes Pastor Jim Schettler
9:33 AM Exponential Spiritual Growth Dr. Tim Zacharias
10:06 AM A Lesson in Discipleship Dr. Joel Mullenix
10:44 AM Making Your Life Count - 10_26_2023 Bradley Edmondson
11:10 AM If Bethlehem Could talk Pastor Denis McBride
11:27 AM How Shall I Have Mercy Dr. Johnny Pope
12:13 PM You Qualify Pastor Jeff Redlin
12:50 PM Being Thankful - 11_19_2021 Caleb Garraway
1:14 PM Giving Bill Rice III
2:01 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:12 PM Our Daily Doctrine Pastor Jim Schettler
2:46 PM Loyalty to the Master George Riddell
3:16 PM A Look at Psalm 53 Dr. Joel Mullenix
3:46 PM The Bondage of Bitterness Rusty Smith
4:18 PM If There Be No Resurrection Pastor Denis McBride
4:49 PM How Does God Lead Scott Tewell
5:20 PM When Abraham Said Amen Pastor Jeff Redlin
5:54 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
5:56 PM The Peace That Passes Understanding Dr. Dale Adkins
6:25 PM Paul and the Church at Philippi Pastor Jim Schettler
6:55 PM Follow Through Dr. Tim Zacharias
7:24 PM How to Be Filled With the Spirit Harold Sightler
8:14 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:25 PM A Proverb of Two Women Dr. Joel Mullenix
8:56 PM Faithfulness Does Matter Rusty Smith
9:29 PM If I Perish - I Perish Pastor Denis McBride
9:59 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
10:00 PM The Prodigal Son's Brother Charles Wood
10:34 PM Key to the Treasure House Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:11 PM Abiding in Jesus Christ - 09_21_2023 Charles Shoemake
11:36 PM Paul's Prayer for the Church Pastor Jim Schettler

Comment from Shirley in Texas

“I am so enjoying the wonderful patriotic programming. Rejoice has programming like NO other station. God bless you all and thank you, thank you so much.”


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