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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM The Doctrine Of Assurance Pastor Jeff Redlin
12:41 AM Whats in Your Hands Scott Tewell
1:11 AM Speak the Truth in Love Pastor Jim Schettler
1:48 AM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
1:58 AM The Day Jacob Died Dr. Joel Mullenix
2:34 AM Going the Extra Mile mcCormick Ray McCormick
3:03 AM Righteous Parenting Pastor Denis McBride
3:37 AM Eminent Domain Eric Gustafson
4:08 AM The Embodiment of Christian Service Pastor Jeff Redlin
4:41 AM When Crosses Get Hard to Bear Rex McPherson
5:10 AM Standing on the Promises Part 1 Pastor Jim Schettler
5:50 AM Graduates Honored Kurt Kramer
6:20 AM The Day of Christ Dr. Joel Mullenix
6:57 AM Follow Me Dr. Jon Lands
7:28 AM The Prodigal Son Charles Wood
8:02 AM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
8:13 AM Rules of the Red Sea Pastor Denis McBride
8:45 AM Growing in the Lord Dr. Tim Zacharias
9:19 AM The Eyes of Jesus Pastor Jeff Redlin
9:36 AM Get Me Out of Here Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh
9:59 AM Standing on the Promises Part 2 Pastor Jim Schettler
10:39 AM The Sin of Silence Dr. Bill Fennell
11:13 AM The Doorstep of Victory Dr. Joel Mullenix
11:44 AM Be Still Stand Still Sit Still Bruce Barker
12:14 PM Run to God in Faith Pastor Denis McBride
12:47 PM The Prodigal Son's Brother Charles Wood
1:21 PM Why Would God Save Me? Bill Patterson
1:55 PM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
2:05 PM The First Book of Revelation Pastor Jeff Redlin
2:46 PM The Holy Spirit Dr. Curtis Hutson
3:31 PM Summer Opportunities Pastor Jim Schettler
4:22 PM Follow Through Dr. Tim Zacharias
4:51 PM The Earth Shall Be Full of the Knowledge of the LORD Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:23 PM Following Is Underrated Bill Rice III
5:51 PM Sacrificial Living Pastor Denis McBride
6:30 PM The Marks of Jesus David Gibbs
7:26 PM The Highest Duty Part 1 Pastor Jeff Redlin
8:05 PM Give Thanks in Everything Greg Mutsch
8:34 PM Remembering God's Commands Dan Cole
8:53 PM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
9:03 PM Tate Throndson's Ordination Pastor Jim Schettler
9:31 PM Importance of Soulwinning Dr. Curtis Hutson
10:31 PM The Faithful Servant Dr. Joel Mullenix
11:07 PM God and Suffering Part One Jared Twigg
11:35 PM See That Ye Refuse Not Him That Speaketh Pastor Denis McBride

Comment from Shirley in Texas

“I am so enjoying the wonderful patriotic programming. Rejoice has programming like NO other station. God bless you all and thank you, thank you so much.”


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