Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM If I Perish I Perish Pastor Denis McBride
12:30 AM When is Jesus Coming Steve Roberts
1:10 AM One Thing I Lack Pastor Jeff Redlin
1:55 AM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
2:05 AM Led By the Spirit Pastor Jim Schettler
2:42 AM God's Word Never Changes Dr. Dale Adkins
3:13 AM Comfort Ye My People Dr. Joel Mullenix
3:42 AM When You Need Help 12_07_2021 Pastor John Anderson
4:10 AM If Thou Wilt Thou Canst Make Me Clean Pastor Denis McBride
4:47 AM Where Is Thy God Roy Thompson
5:31 AM One Thing I Need Pastor Jeff Redlin
6:10 AM Gods Mission Through Missions Ken Fielders
6:44 AM Let Not Man Put Asunder Pastor Jim Schettler
7:33 AM 3 Answers to Salvation�s Questions 03_14_2022 Dr. Bill Rice III
7:58 AM Where Is Your Heart Dr. Johnny Pope
8:35 AM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
8:46 AM Could This Be the Year Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:22 AM Going the Extra Mile mcCormick Ray McCormick
9:52 AM Impenitent Men Pastor Denis McBride
10:27 AM A Sheep�s Need of a Shepherd 03_15_2022 Dr. Bill Rice III
10:53 AM One Thing to Remember Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:33 AM By Faith Tim Rasmussen
12:07 PM Let This Cup Pass from Me Pastor Jim Schettler
12:36 PM Grace Abounded More At Calvary Dr. Dale Adkins
1:03 PM Count It All Joy Dr. Joel Mullenix
1:41 PM A Word Fitly Spoken 03_11_2022 Dr. Jon Lands
2:04 PM How to Behave in a World That's Misbehaving Dr. Greg Mutsch
2:40 PM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
2:50 PM In You Pastor Denis McBride
3:29 PM Graduates Honored Kurt Kramer
4:00 PM Paralyzed By Fear Pastor Jeff Redlin
4:24 PM 3 Aspects of Meekness Dr. Karl Stelzer
4:54 PM Let Us Labor to Rest Pastor Jim Schettler
5:27 PM Inconvenient Discipleship Tim Rasmussen
6:07 PM Daily Christian Living Dr. Joel Mullenix
6:41 PM Growing in the Lord Dr. Tim Zacharias
7:15 PM In the Name of the Lord of Hosts Pastor Denis McBride
7:56 PM 3 Changeless Truths Dr. Jon Lands
8:23 PM Is There Not a Cause? Dr. Greg Mutsch
9:02 PM Enjoying The Journey Scott Pauley
9:12 PM Peace Beyond Understanding Pastor Jeff Redlin
9:53 PM Have Great Faith Ray McCormick
10:42 PM Lies About Leadership Pastor Jim Schettler
11:11 PM 3 Lessons From an Old Man Dr. Dale Adkins
11:28 PM David's Three Friends Dr. Joel Mullenix
11:57 PM Looking at Jesus Tim Rasmussen

Comment from Sophia in Michigan

“When I get up in the morning I turn on the radio and leave it on all day long. Over and over God has allowed me to hear exactly what I need to hear (comfort and/or conviction) through the preaching and Scripture-focused music. I have recommended the station . . . THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!”


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