Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM Vision Service - Together We Can Pastor Denis McBride
12:43 AM God is on The Throne Steve Roberts
1:23 AM The Love of Leadership Pastor Jim Schettler
1:51 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:02 AM When Abraham Said Amen Pastor Jeff Redlin
2:36 AM How To Kill a Lion in a Pit on a Snowy Day - 09_29_2023 Ken Fielder
3:06 AM And Mary Magdalene Dr. Joel Mullenix
3:38 AM The Lost Parable Dr. Jon Lands
4:10 AM The Manger Scene Pastor Jim Schettler
4:43 AM Are You An Intercessor - 11_01_2023 Kwame Selver
5:11 AM Wait on the Lord Pastor Denis McBride
5:43 AM Mountaintop Experience Dr. Dale Adkins
6:15 AM Key to the Treasure House Pastor Jeff Redlin
6:52 AM Having a New Heart Jerald Manley
7:30 AM How to Make A Difference Dr. Jon Lands
8:07 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:17 AM The Meal Offering Pastor Jim Schettler
8:54 AM Strength for Life James Johnson
8:56 AM Developing a Mastermind - 11_15_2022 Lou Rossi
9:23 AM And They Watched Him Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:55 AM The Not sin - The Devils Tale James Crumpton
10:27 AM Warning and Wisdom Pastor Denis McBride
11:01 AM The Love of Chris - 10_30_2023 Kwame Selver
11:31 AM We Glory in Tribulation Also Pastor Jeff Redlin
12:12 PM Glorifying God through Our Weaknesses Luc Mach and Ryan Bame
12:26 PM The Model Prayer Pastor Jim Schettler
1:01 PM Its Dark to Be Sure Richard Coyle
1:30 PM This Day of Appointment David Pittman
2:10 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:21 PM Another Comforter Dr. Joel Mullenix
2:57 PM To Get There From Here Shane Lewis
3:26 PM We Are Not Our Own Pastor Denis McBride
3:53 PM Joseph Should Have Failed But Didn't Dr. Dale Adkins
4:26 PM Amazing Love How Can it Be Pastor Jeff Redlin
5:05 PM Mastermind - 11_14_2022 Lou Rossi
5:31 PM The Most Unhappy Believer in the Bible Pastor Jim Schettler
6:05 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
6:06 PM Renewing of the Mind - 11_16_2022 Lou Rossi
6:36 PM Armageddon Dr. Joel Mullenix
7:09 PM David�s Wish - 03_03_2023 Marc Monte
7:38 PM Give Your Best in the Time You Have Shane Lewis
8:19 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:29 PM We Forgot What God Remembered Pastor Denis McBride
8:55 PM Naaman's Leprosy Dr. Dale Adkins
9:25 PM Two Adams Pastor Jeff Redlin
10:08 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
10:09 PM Heaven's Reward Dr. Tim Zacharias
10:46 PM The Most Useless Thing a Parent Can Do Pastor Jim Schettler
11:18 PM When the Line Goes Dead Dr. Rusty Smith
11:47 PM As It Hath Pleased Him Dr. Joel Mullenix

Comment from Lori in Minnesota

“I love listening and singing along to the music! Occasionally get to hear ‘Treasures from the Word’ with Adrian Rogers. It trains my mind to think on that which is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and of good report! I love to listen to ‘Unshackled.’ We all struggle with sin but we all are not so willing to talk about it. The stories are ones that so many can relate to. Lives can be devastated by the horrible effects of sin, but we know Jesus is the one who can deliver us from its powerful grip. I am reminded of His wonderful grace as I listen to the very personal stories of ‘Unshackled.’”


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