Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM In Remembrance of Me Pastor Jim Schettler
12:32 AM The Beattitude Christian James Dennis
1:07 AM The Second Coming Dr. Joel Mullenix
1:33 AM Family Day Serving An Unfair God Shane Lewis
2:07 AM When Jesus Prayed Pastor Denis McBride
2:43 AM God�s Love for You 11_23_2021 Dr. Brad Phillips
3:10 AM Is Your Belief Veiled Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:57 AM The Camouflaged Christian Jim Blalock
4:22 AM Instructions for the Slothful Pastor Jim Schettler
4:50 AM Fear and Faith Richard Coyle
5:23 AM The Shepherd of the 23rd Psalm Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:56 AM Mary A Pattern of Praise 11_22_2021 Dr. Dan Rushing
6:23 AM When You Feel Defeated Pastor Denis McBride
6:57 AM The Center of Our Worship God's Word Joseph Stowell
7:32 AM It Is Finished Pastor Jeff Redlin
7:54 AM Finding the Off Ramp From a Guilt Trip Dr. Jon Lands
8:25 AM Intercessory Prayer Pastor Jim Schettler
8:56 AM 3 Things to See About God 12_02_2021 Dr. Michael Rouse
9:13 AM The Sign of Jonah Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:49 AM The Chemistry of a Broken Heart Dr. Johnny Pope
10:34 AM Where Why When What and How Pastor Denis McBride
11:10 AM Fervent Prayer Richard Coyle
11:48 AM It Is Required Pastor Jeff Redlin
12:26 PM 3 Ways of Encouragement 12_03_2021 Dr. Michael Rouse
12:51 PM Is Your God Lord Pastor Jim Schettler
1:30 PM The Prodigal Son Charles Wood
2:04 PM The Sin of Adultery Dr. Joel Mullenix
2:33 PM Finishing Well Dr. Dale Adkins
3:00 PM Wherefore Pastor Denis McBride
3:37 PM A Prayer in Time of Peril 03_07_2022 Dr. Tim Zacharias
4:06 PM Joy Because Of Christ Pastor Jeff Redlin
4:24 PM The Covenant of God Dr. Johnny Pope
4:57 PM It's All Part of the Plan Pastor Jim Schettler
5:28 PM Follow the Lord Dr. Dale Adkins
5:55 PM The Son of Man Coming in Glory Dr. Joel Mullenix
6:29 PM Dealing with Divine Delays 03_04_2022 Pastor Ernie Merritt
7:02 PM Wherefore Pastor Denis McBride
7:40 PM The Cross and the Memory of Sin Rex McPherson
8:07 PM Knowing What We Owe Pastor Jeff Redlin
8:47 PM From Addictions to Convictions Dr. Johnny Pope
9:18 PM Jacob's life Pastor Jim Schettler
9:47 PM Delighting in the Lord 03_01_2022 Dr. David Teis
10:19 PM The Steps of Spiritual Warfare Dr. Joel Mullenix
10:53 PM The Cry of the World Dr. Clyde Box
11:32 PM Who Are You Mad At Pastor Denis McBride

Comment from Rosemary in Idaho

“I just want you to know what a round-the-clock blessing your radio station is to me. I am so thankful for the stronger signal now through KRRB Kuna-Boise where I hear you on 88.1 FM. . . So many times, when I turn on your station, JUST THE RIGHT song or scripture is being given. What a blessing.”


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