Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM For Thine is the Kingdom Pastor Denis McBride
12:35 AM How to Overcome Worry Wallace Richard Wallace
1:01 AM The Meek Pastor Jeff Redlin
1:40 AM Rich Towards God Dr. Tim Zacharias
2:07 AM The Load of Leadership Pastor Jim Schettler
2:35 AM When is Jesus Coming Steve Roberts
3:15 AM Mountain of Strength Dr. Joel Mullenix
3:49 AM How To Raise a Rebel Rusty Smith
4:22 AM For This Cause Pastor Denis McBride
4:58 AM Search Me God Dr. Jon Lands
5:25 AM The Temple of God Pastor Jeff Redlin
6:03 AM Where Is Thy God Roy Thompson
6:47 AM The Lord's Goodness Pastor Jim Schettler
7:18 AM How To See Jesus in the Storm Dr. Tim Zacharias
7:49 AM Mountains of Zion Dr. Joel Mullenix
8:14 AM Setbacks Becoming Comebacks Mark Goetsch
8:46 AM Forget Not My Law Pastor Denis McBride
9:22 AM Where Is Your Heart Dr. Johnny Pope
9:59 AM The Workman Pastor Jeff Redlin
10:37 AM How To Wait On God Dr. Tim Zacharias
11:13 AM The Love of God In Us Pastor Jim Schettler
11:48 AM Shutting the Mouth of the Lion Greg Powell
12:18 PM Mullenix Dr. Joel Mullenix
12:52 PM By Faith Tim Rasmussen
1:27 PM Forgive Us Our Debts Pastor Denis McBride
2:02 PM How To Turn Chronos Into Kairos Dr. Johnny Pope
2:46 PM The Wonderful Work Of Waiting Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:19 PM So Far Away Dr. Dale Adkins
3:29 PM The Love of God Pastor Jim Schettler
4:06 PM Inconvenient Discipleship Tim Rasmussen
4:46 PM My Beloved is Mine and I His Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:24 PM I Do Still Means Forever Rusty Smith
5:56 PM Four Cracked Pots Pastor Denis McBride
6:22 PM Spiritual Needs Dr. Tim Zacharias
6:55 PM True Contentment Pastor Jeff Redlin
7:32 PM Looking at Jesus Tim Rasmussen
8:01 PM The Love of Leadership Pastor Jim Schettler
8:29 PM Is God Your First Pursuit! Shane Lewis
9:07 PM My Help Cometh from the Lord Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:39 PM Staying Positive in a Negative World Pete Folger
10:04 PM Free Indeed Pastor Denis McBride
10:41 PM Love Beyond Degree Tyler Gillett
11:19 PM Two Eyes Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:35 PM Jesus Christ Is Alive Richard Coyle

Comment from Joyce in Alabama

“I enjoy listening to you and have received many blessings as I hear the songs, sermons, etc. You name it - I enjoy it!”


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