Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM What Will Become of Your Dreams Pastor Jim Schettler
12:36 AM Mary A Pattern of Praise 11_22_2021 Dr. Dan Rushing
1:02 AM Naaman Lessons for a Servant Dr. Joel Mullenix
1:37 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
1:48 AM Principles of Revival Pastor Denis McBride
2:22 AM The Uniqueness of God's Word Dr. Raymond Barber
2:53 AM The Powerful Process Of Change Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:28 AM What is Truth Part Two Dr. Dan Troutman
3:56 AM Where There Is No Vision Pastor Jim Schettler
4:30 AM Humble Confidence Dr. Dan Rushing
5:00 AM No More Sorrow Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:34 AM Good for Nothing Christians Roy Thompson
6:04 AM Provision of the Father Pastor Denis McBride
6:36 AM Be Content and Wait Daniel Stevens
7:05 AM The Sin of Silence Dr. Bill Fennell
7:39 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
7:49 AM The Provision Of Gods Table Pastor Jeff Redlin
8:27 AM Strength for Life James Johnson
8:29 AM Fear Not Dr. Johnny Pope
9:10 AM Who is Jesus Pastor Jim Schettler
9:44 AM Serving God in Our Darkest Days Dr. Dan Rushing
10:14 AM Now Learn a Parable of the Fig Tree Dr. Joel Mullenix
10:48 AM The Triumph of Truth Dave Young
11:17 AM Raising Children in a Postmodern World Pastor Denis McBride
11:49 AM Four Words of Assurance Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh
12:21 PM The Holy Spirit Pastor Jeff Redlin
12:51 PM Why Would God Save Me? Bill Patterson
1:25 PM A Musical Glimpse of God s Heart Dr. Dan Rushing
1:56 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:06 PM Who is This God Pastor Jim Schettler
2:40 PM The Greatest Famine the World Has Ever Known Dr. Raymond Barber
3:11 PM Now the Parable Is This Dr. Joel Mullenix
3:51 PM Four Things Faith Produces Doug Jackson
4:16 PM Real Life Pastor Denis McBride
4:53 PM Uncover the Gospel David Pittman
5:20 PM The Release the Reach and the Reward Pastor Jeff Redlin
6:02 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
6:04 PM Freedom from Habitual Sin Joseph Stowell
6:48 PM Why is God's Grace So Amazing Pastor Jim Schettler
7:22 PM My Redeemer David Wright
7:48 PM Thanksgiving Daniel Stevens
8:21 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:32 PM Observations from Luke 2 Dr. Joel Mullenix
9:05 PM Like-minded Christians Dr. Raymond Barber
9:36 PM Rejoice in Thanks Pastor Denis McBride
9:59 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
10:00 PM Lifes Left Turns Part One David Goforth
10:30 PM The Roaring of the Heart Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:16 PM The Faith of a Christian Dr. Dale Adkins
11:31 PM You Can Know Your Future Pastor Jim Schettler

Comment from Amelia in Alabama

“I listen to Rejoice on my way into work and at my Office. Adrian Rogers always refreshes my soul and your music gives a needed calmness in the busy part of life.”


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