Teaching Stream

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Time Title Speaker
12:00 AM Led By the Spirit Pastor Jim Schettler
12:37 AM Worldviews in Science Micah Bowman
1:11 AM The Campus Church Mission Dr. Joel Mullenix
1:37 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
1:47 AM Contentment Pastor Denis McBride
2:26 AM The Marks of a Powerful Church Tyler Gillett
3:01 AM Galatians Series Self Control The Final Frontier Pastor Jeff Redlin
3:38 AM Are You Walking in the Spirit Richard Coyle
4:12 AM Let Not Man Put Asunder Pastor Jim Schettler
5:01 AM You Can Trust Him Mike Davis
5:12 AM The Child Prophesied Dr. Joel Mullenix
5:41 AM The Spirit of Adoption Dr. Rick Flanders
6:13 AM Cotentment in Christ Pastor Denis McBride
6:49 AM Arent You Glad Youre On The Team Greg Mutsch
7:25 AM Your Story Matters Mark Ward
7:55 AM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:05 AM Galatians Series The Broken And The Burdened Pastor Jeff Redlin
8:46 AM Strength for Life James Johnson
8:47 AM Worshipful Work Tyler Gillit
9:18 AM Let This Cup Pass from Me Pastor Jim Schettler
9:46 AM As for Me And My House Richard Coyle
10:19 AM The Christ Child and Calvary Dr. Joel Mullenix
10:49 AM Not Well Known but Necessary 11_11_2021 Dr. Richard Wallace
11:09 AM Courage Through Christ Pastor Denis McBride
11:31 AM Your Foundation Your Future Dr. Greg Mutsch
12:11 PM Galatians Series The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Love Pastor Jeff Redlin
12:50 PM Awaken to the Call Tate Thorndson
1:18 PM The Fear Behind Spiritual Reluctance 11_09_2021 Dr. Bud Steadman
1:50 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
2:01 PM Let Us Labor to Rest Pastor Jim Schettler
2:34 PM The Marks of Jesus David Gibbs
3:30 PM The Christian's Secret of a Fruitful Life Dr. Joel Mullenix
4:06 PM Being a Conduit of Truth Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh
4:33 PM Crown Him Pastor Denis McBride
5:09 PM Why? 11_12_2021 Dr. Richard Wallace
5:30 PM Galatians Series The Glory Of The Cross Pastor Jeff Redlin
6:06 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
6:08 PM Being a Selfless Servant Dr. Tim Zacharias
6:34 PM Lies About Leadership Pastor Jim Schettler
7:03 PM Being A Bible Generation Part 2 11_16_2021 Scott Pauley
7:35 PM The Prodigal Son Charles Wood
8:09 PM Enjoying the Journey Scott Pauley
8:20 PM The Comforter of Discipleship Dr. Joel Mullenix
8:48 PM Being Salt and Light Richard Coyle
9:18 PM Crying in the Temple Pastor Denis McBride
9:59 PM Strength for Life James Johnson
10:00 PM Being Thankful 11_19_2021 Caleb Garraway
10:25 PM Galatians Series The Incredible Contrast Part 1 Pastor Jeff Redlin
11:07 PM Soul Winning Al Stone
11:39 PM Likewise Pastor Jim Schettler

Comment from Shanna in Idaho

“I am home most of the day and living with chronic pain. The music you play is such an amazing help to me day and night! Thank you for playing the old gospel favorites. I also enjoy the 'Old Country Church'”


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